First, I would like to apologize to all who have continued to visit my site only to find I haven't made any progress in the last year and a half.  I have no excuses.  Before I started this project, I noted all the recommendations from previous and current builders that you 'should try to do something every day'.  So far, my approach has been to work like hell when I get a week or two to devote to the project.  Given the limited amount of hours I have in the project, I have accomplished a great deal.  However, I believe the project would be considerably farther along had I been trying to accomplish something everyday, no matter how small.  That will be my approach from now on.  I seem to get caught up in the everyday things and other necessary projects with the Bearhawk project suffering.
The last thing I was working on was the tailwheel.  I will probably get started back on that and try to finish it.
The status of the wings are I have all the ribs formed, the spars drilled , and most of the wing steel made.  I have not driven a single rivet yet, reason being I have been procrastinating with the priming.  I don't know why other than I don't have any experience with paint.  I will probably hold off on priming until spring and a little warmer weather.
I decided to get started again by making some of the steel pieces.  I'm going to get the control sticks and linkage done so I can start doing some 'hanger' flying!  Maybe that'll give me some motivation.
Control stick assembly is complete.  I am working on the rudder pedals.  Rudder pedal assembly is complete.
I've started the tail group.  All of the small pieces and the T-25 ribs are made.  Hope to start assembling this weekend