I decided to make the bearings and stop rings as one piece and then cut to length.  I planed a couple of pieces of wood to 1-1/4" and sandwiched the tube.  This allowed me to hold the mounting tabs square and parallel to each other.  I tacked the tabs with my mig, but was unable to tig weld between the tab and the tube due to the cup being too large to get in there.  I welded these with gas. I was able to final weld the 90 degree tabs with the tig.
To remove the welding scale and have the bearings rotate freely, I used a piece of 1" water pipe and emery paper. After cutting the bearings and stop rings to rough length, I needed to sand them to final length and have them be square.  These small parts get hot very quickly when sanding.  I clamped one piece of wood perpendicular to the disc.  I cut a vee in another piece of wood.  This allowed me to hold the parts on the 1-1/8" tube and push them up to the disc with the vee block keeping everything nice and square.
I was able to sand all the parts to proper length without touching them. Completed bearings and stop rings.