I drew the pieces for the controls full size in auto cadd, glued the templates to 1/2" MDF, and cutout on the bandsaw. I started with the control stick standoffs and cut the sheet steel close with a plasma cutter and then clamped to the grinding template
I made a 1" arbor that would fit left over cutoff grinding discs and mounted in my metal lathe.  I also have a cutoff disc mounted on a bench grinder.  Ground it close and then deburred and smoothed the edges up with a scotchbrite wheel. The first standoff I bent into a u shape using the 3/4" bending anvil I made for the wing steel pieces.  This worked ok, but does leave some hammer marks.  For the second standoff, I made a press die to use in my hydraulic press.  This worked ok also, but because of springback, you still have to do some adjusting with a hammer.  I guess I liked the way the hydraulic one looks better, but I'm not sure the extra time spent making the press die is justified.  I drilled the 1/4" hole after bending to make sure the holes lined up.
To bend the stiffener flanges, I ground a radius on my welding table and clamped the standoff to the table. The flange bent fairly easily with a 2lb ballpeen hammer
A 1/4" bolt to hold the bushings and washers in place for welding.  I left the bushings long to facilitate welding.  They sand to length easily after welding with the 12" disc sander. Completed standoff.
Another view. Both completed standoffs.  I am going to make a jig to hold the standoffs in place on the 1-1/8" tube.  I will scribe and grind the radius where it gets welded at that time.
Control assembly brackets in jig for welding Brackets welded out
The final pieces to weld on are the elevator belcrank link brackets.