Tubing tie in jig Tacked and ready for weldout
I thought I would cut the notch after welding in hopes that it would minimize distortion.  It worked fairly well, however, in hindsight, I think it would have been easier to start with two pieces and weld the ties to the tube separately and then weld the tie together.  It would have made sanding the welding slag from inside the tube much easier.  Almost screwed up here!  I tacked all the rudder pedals to the tube, not thinking about the welding slag that was going to happen on the second pedal from the right.  Thats why you make small tacks I guess.  Just the small tacks made the pedals hard to rotate.  I knocked the tacks loose and pulled the 3/4" tube out until I had welded the second pedal completely.  Then I almost forgot about the reinforcing strap.  Everything rotated freely again after I sanded the slag out.
Pedal with reinforcing strap Rough cut bearings and stop rings
Completed bearings and stop rings Completed rudder pedal assembly with stop clips on pedals to keep your feet from sliding off.