To make the curved brake toe pieces, I used my press and a piece of tubing twice as long as I needed. When I made the curved pieces for the aileron hinges, I shaped a piece of steel for the press die.  This is a pretty good curve, so for ease of shaping the press die, I thought I would try a piece of black walnut I had laying around.
It worked very well!  No kinks.  I think I'll take the time and make a permanent jig for pressing. Completed bend.
It did put quite a groove in the press die, but it held up and didn't split. More MDF to hold everything in place for tacking.
It took quite awhile to make this jig setup, but was well worth it.  All the brake pedals are identical and accurate as per the plans.  A piece of 1/8" capstrip and a piece of .032 aluminum put the brake cylinder tab pretty well centered on the tube. Completed brake pedals.