As with the rudder pedal bearings, I think it is easier to make these small parts as a group and then cut them apart.  I used a piece of T18 tubing approximately 15.5 inches long.  That is long enough to make all of the tail group hinges as well as the stop rings.  For the straps I used a grinding template and made them 1"x5.25" long.  Put a pretty good tack on each edge of the straps After tacking, I heated the straps and bent them around the T18 tube until the straps were 1" apart and parallel.
I then clamped each strap to a piece of 1" flat bar for weld out After welding, I drilled and tapped for a grease zerk in each hinge.  It didn't appear in the drawings that Bob used a 1/4-28 nut like used on the aileron and flap control assemblies.  I think that is because with the added thickness of the straps, there is enough material to tap.
Completed grease zerks.  I did have to bump the end of the zerk on the disc sander as it was just a tad too long and would interfere with the T14 tube it pivots around I then cut the hinges apart with an abrasive cutoff wheel.  I used a file, emery cloth, and lots of elbow grease to clean the welding slag from inside the hinges until they rotated freely on a T14 tube.  I only drilled one hole at this time, and will match drill the other one upon assembly.