I was able to get all of the T-25 ribs from one 36X36 sheet of .032  4130.  I sheared the ribs on a 4' shear, and then bent the vertical legs on an 8' brake.  I was able to get both legs bent to 90 degrees on the 7/8x7/8 ribs no problem.  On the ribs with a taper, the brake shoe interfered with the second leg bending all the way to 90 degrees.  To fix this, I used a piece of 1/4"x3" flat and used that for the brake shoe by adjusting the set back and height of the brake to clamp on the 1/4" flat.  This worked well, and I was able to make all of the vertical bends without interference.. 

To make the 1/8" bends, a bending anvil was required.  I used a piece of caterpillar track bushing I had laying around and cut it in half.  I then disc sanded flats on the outside, and ground a clearance groove on the inside.

This worked very well, and would have been even better if it would have been longer, say 4-6".  But it was what I had laying around.

Completed T-25 ribs for the tail group